Mike Tyson’s Top 10 Rules For Success

– But the closer I get to the ring I’m more confident. Once I’m in the ring I’m a god. No one could beat me. A good fight is just to be diligent and committed and disciplined.

Doing what you hate to do but do it like you love it. And I do it with passion and love, and if you’re doing this for money, the emotional outcome is going to be disastrous. Not necessarily the size of the guy, you know what I mean, it’s basically the spirit and the competitive in his heart. As we get older we lose our hair, we lose our teeth, we lose our mothers. Talent?

I don’t believe in talent. Many times I’ve quit boxing before I even became a professional boxer. – He’s an American former professional boxer. He was known for his ferocious and intimidating boxing style as well as his controversial behavior inside and outside the ring. Nicknamed “Iron” or “Kid Dynamite” he’s considered to be one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. He’s Mike Tyson, and here is my take on his top 10 rules for success.

Number 10 is my personal favorite, so I’m curious to find out which one you guys like the most. And make sure to stick around all the way to the end for some special bonuses. (swoosh) While I’m in the dressing room, five minutes before I come out, my gloves are laced up.

I’m breaking my gloves down, I’m pushing the leather in the back of my – I’m breaking the middle of the glove so my knuckle can pierce through the leather. I can feel my knuckle piercing against the tight leather glove. The Everlast boxing glove. When I come out, I have supreme confidence, but I’m scared to death. I’m totally afraid. I’m afraid of everything.

I’m afraid of losing. I’m afraid of being humiliated. But I’m totally confident. The closer I get to the ring, the more confident I get.

The closer and more confidence I get, the closer and more confident I get. All during my training, I’ve been afraid of this man. I thought this man might be capable of beating me. I’ve dreamed of him beating me. But that I would always stay afraid of him. But the closer I get to the ring, I’m more confident.

Once I’m in the ring, I’m a God. No one can beat me. (crowd cheers) I walk around the ring, I never take my eyes off my opponent. I keep my eyes on him. Even if he’s ready and pumped and he can’t wait to get his hands on me as well.

I keep my eyes on him. I keep my eyes on him. I keep my eyes on him. The once I see a chink in his armor, boom.

And one of his eyes may move, and then I know I have him. Then when he comes to the center of the ring he still looks at me with this piercing look as if he’s not afraid, but he already made that mistake when he looked down for that one tenth of a second. I knew I had him. He’ll fight hard for the first two or three rounds, but I know I already broke his spirit. During the fight, I’m supremely confident.

I’m moving my head. He’s throwing punches. I’m making him miss and I’m countering. I’m hitting him to the body. I’m punching him real hard.

And I’m punching, when I’m punching I know he’s not able to take my punches. One, two, three punches. I’m throwing them punches in bunches. He goes down.

He’s out. I’m victorious. Mike Tyson, the greatest fighter ever lived. (crowd cheers) A good fighter’s not necessarily the greatest fighter that ever lived.

It’s what – where you want to go. You know what I mean? Um, a good fight is to just be diligent and committed and disciplined. Doing what you hate to do, but do it like you love it. You know, always testing yourself.

Forcing yourself to the limits. You know? If you know you, um like – if you love women? Then deny yourself that. You know what I mean? That’s what, um – that’s what success in general is all about.

Sacrifice. From my experience, if any, the little success I may have had. Just be willing to sacrifice.

You know? Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t have fun accomplishing your goals. And when – sometimes people don’t have the the determination, the will, and the steadfastness, the tenacity. They give into the slightest struggle.

I won’t do anything unless I’m passionate about it. You know? I don’t – I don’t care if I don’t get any money – That’s what I learned about peace and happiness, that if you’re not doing it with a passion, and love and you’re just doing it for money, it’s um, the emotional outcome is going to be disastrous.

And that’s from my experience. That’s just really what I know. So I know it has to be for pure passion and a love for what I’m doing. – [Interviewer] As a smaller boxer yourself, in terms of stature, how do you take on these big guys with the big reach? – I don’t know, it’s not necessarily the size of the guy.

You know what I mean? It’s basically the spirit and the competitive in his heart. If a guy wants to fight, he could be four foot two and fight a guy six foot nine.

If you want to fight, you’re going to fight and you’re going to do well. That’s just the average of law here, in the game of boxing. If you really want to do it, you’re going to do well.

But what I found out in life, as life goes on, life is about losing. As we get older we lose our hair. We lose our teeth. We lose our mothers, our fathers, our sisters and um – But it’s the ones who overcome their loss in life and shun away adversity and always willing to fight it, every particular moment in life are the ones that are able to transcend and be able to spread the word to other people who is in that same particular genre that they are. In order to be great, you know what I mean? You have to be prepared to to fail greatly as well.

You know, it’s all about how you handle the failures. You know? And I’m good at handling failures.

– [Interviewer] Yeah – And I’m good at handling those – I don’t know. I’m probably – I’m not that good at handling success. I can handle failure better than I can handle success. – [Interviewer] (giggles) – I feel I was born to find, because I have no other interest in anything else. Anybody’s a fighter in their own right.

You’re a fighter. I’m a fighter. Everyone that’s in this room, even the newspaper man. They’re fighters. But everybody don’t get up every morning and run.

Everybody don’t go to the gym every morning. And everybody don’t have enough discipline to wait in the locker room for two hours, or three hours, then go in the ring and do what they’ve been taught all those years in the gym. And so, that’s what separates a champion from a mediocre fighter. – [Interviewer] So what about talent?

– Talent? I don’t believe in talent. Well, some people they have talent, that’s – it’s good, it helps when you have talent. But as long as you have a lot of determination and willpower, that’s all you need. You have to have the will to win. – All know about your love for Cus D’Amato.

How much of him is in you when you’re doing this? – I don’t know. I’m – I’m just not him. Maybe, um, if I continue to do this for another 20 years or so, I may – I may be somewhere in there close to his level of protection of his fighters, but as of now, no. I mean, it’s – it’s not the – I mean, it’s not as seasoned experience as Mister D’Mato was. – You speak of him in the present tense.

He’s very much with you at all times? – Pretty much, yeah. Pretty much. – Would you have him as one of the most special people in your life? – Absolutely. No one can inspire me as much as he did.

If I was discouraged, I would say, you know – ‘Cause sometimes I’m sure in your field you say well, I really – things may have got difficult or something may happen in your life, I don’t want to do this no more. We all go through that. I don’t want to do this no more. And he would inspire me to say “Hey, this is the route to go.” He would inspire me to want to do it. Many times I quite boxing before I even became a professional boxer.

As an amateur I quit, I didn’t want to do it and um – he gave me the inspiration, the reason why I should be doing this. – My old job was just to inflict pain and people had in mind the intimidation factor. – [Interviewer] Yeah – That’s the biggest aspect of anything in life is intimidation. Because once a person who’s a great anything is intimidated, he can no longer perform under the high level that he’s normally accustom to working because he’s intimidated and he he’s shut down. – [Interviewer] Yeah – And I’m, listen, I’m the master at that.

I put it out that I’m going to be the most intimidating athlete in the world of sports. Forget that – forget boxing. The history of the world of sports. And you have to be willing – boxing and sports and everything, in life, it’s all about a bluff. It’s almost like playing cards. Like, I say more-so than um – I say more-so than I say shooting dice.

– [Interviewer] Yeah – You know? Because you can change dices and stuff but they can’t – they’re hard, they can’t mold. – [Interviewer] Mmm hmm – You know what I mean? You just got to give you – you just shoot and when you shoot – cards can bend.

– [Interviewer] Yeah – Cards can bend, like life. Us and life, we can bend. – [Interviewer] Mmm hmm? – And even though we got a bad hand that don’t mean we’re going to lose the fucking game. – [Interviewer] Right.

– You know what I mean? – [Interviewer] Yeah – We’re going to stay in there and we’re going to hold on to the end. – [Interviewer] Uh huh? And it’s the same way in fighting – [Interviewer] Yeah.

– And in life. Because we were born in the swallows and the sewers and the gutters, that don’t mean we’re going to stay there if we have the desire, willpower, perseverance to be able to endure the pain. – [Interviewer] Yeah. – We got to endure that pain.

– [Interviewer] Mmm hmm – You know? But look at me, everybody likes me now. – [Interviewer] Yeah.

– But I’m the last man standing Everybody likes the last man. – [Interviewer] What will people remember about Mike Tyson 50 years from now? – 50 Years?

(pauses thoughtfully) I don’t know. That I’m the most ferocious, destructive fighting machine God every created. Yeah, that’s what I think. – Thank you guys so much for watching.

I made this video because Ali Hassan asked me to. So if there’s a famous entrepreneur you want me to profile next, leave it in the comments below and I will see what I can do. I’d also love to know which of Mike Tyson’s top ten rule had the biggest impact on you and why. Leave it in the comments.

I will join the discussion. Thank you so much for watching. Continue to believe and I’ll see you soon. – (swoosh) – Took a long time to grow up. Really took a long time to grow up and deal with the responsibilities of life. Because when you’re boxing and playing rugby and football and all that – What are we doing?

You’re living a life of rowdy. You’re living like a kid. You don’t have many responsibilities.

– What do you miss most about the life then? – Um – The old days. – I – there’s not much I miss about it. Because when you really think about it, the height of my career, I’m making 30, 40 million a fight, doing what I want. Anybody I want to see or meet I see them on television.

Strange, I seem them, I like them, I make a phone call. I can meet anybody, do what I want to do. But I didn’t have any peace. You know? I didn’t have peace. And now I’m at the – I’m not even at the height of my career.

I don’t make a tenth of the money I made then. And I’ve got cartoons. I have a show. I could have never accomplished this when I was fighting. I would never gotten along with the producer.

I would have been arrogant. I would – It’s just – you learn humbleness as you get older in life. And you learn, um – if you don’t come in this world humble, this world will thrust humbleness upon you. – [Interviewer] Do you think it’s more important to be respected or feared?

– I would like to be respected. Respect is more powerful than love, I believe. You know, but how many people out of the obligation of love, Machiavelli, out of obligation of love have we hurt? Just think about it. Everybody that’s listening to me.

Out of the obligation of love, this is my sister, my brother, my girlfriend that I cheated on. My boyfriend who I didn’t tell him everything, or else he should have knew this not his child. Or whatever the situation may be.

You know what I mean? We just have to know, um – this is what it is. You know what I mean? Some people can get by with just being respected. Some people get high off of being feared.

– The Mitch “Blood” Green story is the greatest story every told. – It’s – – I’ve (expletive) – We hope Mitch is still around. – Yeah – I love that story. The best.

– In your one man show you talk about, like, you’re like “This guy might even show up at, like -” Did he actually have you worried at one point? Because – – No because, listen. Every time somewhere, this guy’s popping up. – (crowd laughs) – You know? I’m in the hospital because of my car accident.

He’s – and they said “Hey Mike, look outside.” I look out my hospital window, there’s a crowd and there’s the president. He’s giving an interview. Calling me, “I have faggot Cicely Tyson, Homo Mike Tyson this – ” and holy sh- – For those of you who don’t know the Mitch “Blood” Green story, he fought Mitch “Blood’ Green and he beat him. Then, he like, terrorized Mike for years.

Would show up at dinners, – Haunting me around. – at restaurants, – Haunting me. – And would try to fight him. – Haunting me.

– All the time. – (audience laughs) – So Mike’s getting fitted for a suit one night (chuckles) there’s this place – where was it? The Bronx?

– Dapper Dan In Harlem – In Harlem, alright. In Harlem where – – Where you buy them, you know, those knock-off stuff. – (audience laughs) – (interviewers laugh) – Right, and he said this place would it was a place where you would go get fitted for suits and it was open at three, four in the morning. And he said, “That might sound weird to you” but pimps, rappers, and (chuckles) everybody else – – Everybody, they was there. (chuckles) – would go get suited at this place, so that is why it was open that late. And he said Mitch “Blood” Green came walking in one day and started, you know, calling him all kinds of names – – Holy moly – And he (laughing) – He said he was like a zombie.

He said he hit him. And he broke his hand when he hit him. And he knocked him (chuckling) So he knocked him out dead. And then he gets up like Jason.

– (audience laughs) – And like a (laughs) He says, every time he knocked- – No, I mean, when I knock him out, I’m scared. So let’s get to the car. And the next thing I know, (sung in ominous tune) bum, bum, bum, bum.

– (audience laughs) – What the fuck? I mean, do you believe this shit? Am I right? Hand to God my children like, he be – he (groaning). And I said, “Let’s get out of here.” Next thing you know, (sung in ominous tune) du, du, du, du.

– Like, he keeps knocking this guy out and the guy keep getting up and chasing after him. Out of the thing. And then, the game changer is he rips the mirror off Mike Tyson’s Rolls Royce. And Mike has to get out and knock him out again before he drives away. – (audience laughs) – But when he tells the story – – I wasn’t going to let him get away with that.

I wasn’t going to let him get away with that and take my little Rolls Royce and break the window off. Break the little mirror, the side mirror, right? Yeah, ripped it off. –